Meet The Team

Darren Booth


Position : Manager/Coffee Maker

I own the Company with Fiona and enjoy helping businesses improve their efficiency through the technology solutions we offer. Every clients needs are different and it's my job to evaluate those needs and design a solution that meets all expectations.

Experience: 28 years in Communications industry.
Family: Married to Fiona with two teenage children.
Interests: Golf, Soccer,Cricket & Travel.
Beliefs: effort brings rewards the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result.




Daniel Lamond


Position : Communications Engineer

 I am married to a beautiful wife and have two wonderful kids, all whom I love very much. I enjoy reading, watching movies, gaming and playing cricket in my spare time and I am fiercely competitive. Losing is not something I have been terribly good at but as my children get older (and so do I) I am beginning to mellow and understand that sometimes it’s about the time spent with others having fun, rather the result. (That and they are starting to win more...)

I started working for Chirp and Darren about 8 years ago and have loved every minute. I think the key for me is that fact that we are always at the cutting edge of technology and innovation and expanding the boundaries of what can be achieved in telecommunications. Darren has a keen eye for assessing a customer’s needs and delivering a tailored solution which is a unique fit and it is generally my job to make it work. I guess you could say I thrive on the challenge.





Fiona Booth


Position: Accounts and administration

Experience:10 years in Administration 25 years pharmaceutical experience.
Family: Married to Darren with two teenage children. Interests: Netball, Basketball & Touch refereeing.