Case Studies

We’re proud of the relationships we share with our clients, taking the time to not only solve their immediate needs, but also committing to providing long-term solutions and support.

Christchurch Community House Te Whakaruruhau ki Otautahi Trust


The CCH Trust is a community-funded organisation that provides facilities and shared resources for small-to-medium sized community groups based in and around Christchurch. 


To reduce the telecommunication costs of CCH Trust’s members

Solution (pre-earthquake)

Traditionally each individual group within the CCH family had their own phone lines, with separate telecommunications providers. We supplied and installed a fully-featured PABX system which reduced the number of lines required, and negotiated a contract with Telstra Clear which enabled tenants to make free local calls. Tenants retained their existing numbers, providing a seamless cut-over for their clients, and also benefitted from a totally flexible system which featured sophisticated call management, voicemail and call-divert functions. The tenants achieved a 50% reduction in monthly costs and massive improvements in their functionality and efficiency.

Solution (post-earthquake)

As a result of the February earthquake, Christchurch Community House was demolished in early 2012, with tenants relocating to various locations throughout Christchurch. To keep the tenants connected and the organisation operating a system was installed into a remote location with a large internet connection. Each tenant purchased or leased an IP phone connected to this system via the internet, allowing them to retain their phone numbers and their existing services, and enabling them to continue their good work when the city needed them most!

Result / Overview
  • Improved efficiency
  • Reduced costs by 50%

Please feel free to contact Mike Asmussen on 940 9402, or to discuss the service we provided Christchurch Community House



Continental Caterers


Continental Caterers is a family-owned company, based primarily in Rangiora, but with five separate locations operating independently around Christchurch. 


To connect all locations, enabling them to call and transfer between each other, sharing resources and enhancing efficiency.


We installed new systems at both Head Office and their Mona Vale site, networked via a dedicated internet connection, and connected the Antarctic Centre, Orana Park and Cone Street branches to the Rangiora system via internet-linked Samsung phones, providing all sites with access to the system’s full features. Staff are now able to transfer calls between all five locations, and see when staff members at other locations are already busy on calls. 

Result / Overview
  • Increased efficiency and reliability

Please feel free to contact Bob Heffernan, of Continental Caterers, on 021 221 7026, to discuss the service we provided.




Contact: Darrell Rollinson


CDC is a wholesaler of pharmaceutical, OTC and veterinary products throughout New Zealand operating from its two South Island and one lower North Island warehouses.


To improve efficiency & reduce costs specifically between the Wellington office & Christchurch head office locations.

Solution: Pre Earthquake

CDC was located in a Cashel Street with a building that covered the width of a city block! They requested cordless phones that covered this area and a link to the Wellington office.

We installed two Telephone systems one at each location and networked them together via a managed network connection. This allowed seamless transfer of calls and also the ability for callers to ring each location free of charge.

Christchurch also acted as the second operator if the Wellington office was busy.

We installed 6 WIFI phones and a wifi network into Christchurch to cover the area.

Solution: Post Earthquake

CDC’s head office in Christchurch was badly affected by the earthquake resulting in a hastily arranged move as provide an essential service.

We received the call on the Thursday afternoon that we had to relocate CDC and have them working in a new location by Monday morning! With the help of the NZ Army & Telecom we relocated the Phone system and all services over this period and return their services in the timeframe required – it was business again as usual Monday morning.


CDC freely admit the networking between their sites has both dramatically improved efficiency within the business while lowering costs as expected.